Challenges we’ve been presented

A University was looking at a new venture and wanted to better understand, evaluate, and possibly select a potential service provider to partner with them on the project.

Solutions we’ve provided

Our solution for the university generated the insights they needed to move forward, and included:

  • Providing Intel on various partnership models and financial structures
  • Comparative competitive analysis of various potential partners
  • Introduction of various partners based on the university’s priorities and values
  • Scripted key questions for the university to explore when interviewing potential partner
  • Review of contract terms

A top language program provider was seeking accreditation and expert feedback on their self-study submission

  • Partial or full Systems review
  • Policies and Procedures Audit
  • Self-Study edits and detailed feedback
  • Action-Plan for a successful visit
  • Webinar and Preparation workshop for online visit

A University wanted to increase international enrollments “on a shoestring” and didn’t want a fully-bundled pathway offering 

Our solution addressed their long-and short-term needs, offering them an unbundled alternative to develop a pathway:

  • Proposed initiatives with a range of ROI, including short-term programming,
  • Developed a scalable strategic recruitment plan aligned with the university’s priorities
  • Built detailed, multi-layered and multi-stakeholder project plan
  • Manage and launch the plan in collaboration with the university
  • Full execution of the plan OR Train the university on Best Practices in the new programming areas

An education company had expansion plans into Canada and lacked an understanding of the nuances of the market

We provided an in-depth Market Analysis and created a collaborative partnership with the firm to act as their on-site representatives

A public university in the process of launching an in-house pathway program sought outside validation and expertise into the competitive market and best practices to share with stakeholders across the university community.

Our full solution for this institution has included:

  • Step by step guidance on i-17 submission
  • Collaborative build out of strategic student recruitment plan
  • Collaborative build out of academic program structure, curriculum, and student support services
  • Creation of step-by-step project implementation plan
  • On-site meetings with faculty and university stakeholders
  • Full execution of plan and training of University staff for long term success

An Overseas Education company has sought to expand their partnerships with American Universities to support their launch of pathway programs

Working closely with this Education Firm, TPG developed an approach harmonized with their operational strengths and previous business models but adapted to the US market.  We provided operational and implementation guidance, support for US program development and deal structure, and ongoing management of the business launch.

An equity investment firm was exploring investment in the US and Canadian International Education industry and sought our expertise in the sector

  • Informational overview  interviews
  • Deep-dive interviews
  • Market analysis and report
  • Advising the board