Online Webinar: Friday March 20 at 8am PDT/ 11am EDT /15h00 GMT

Transitioning to Online Teaching: Expert Opinions and True Stories Happening Right Now


Join our diverse panelists, an expert virtual training coach who has been helping schools make the transition, a technology expert who brought 14 international campuses to online delivery, and 2 program operators who are the midst of transitioning. They will share their experiences and lessons learned, including:

  • Their institutions’ comfort level with online delivery before all this started happening
  • When they considered online delivery and how long it took them to implement it.  Time obstacles, and ways to overcome them  
  • Discussion on tools: platforms adopted and what has worked well and less well
  • Discussion on instruction: use of instructors, getting them on-board, approaches to delivery that are working well/not so well, and discussion on the sort of support instructors are needing
  • Best Practices and concrete experiences with student welfare
  • Steps for continuous improvement
  • Avoiding Pitfalls: mistakes to avoid and helpful tips to consider

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